Learning To Live With And Treat Acid Reflux


Do you feel like acid reflux is taking over? Would you like to get rid of the symptoms forever? Do you want to educate yourself on the topic? Continue reading to find out some great advice about the topic at hand.

Do not eat your dinner less than three hours before you go to bed. When you are upright, any food in your stomach and the gastric acid settles down in your stomach. However, whenever you laying down, the acid may rise back up into your esophagus. That is why you should wait a few hours prior to sleeping.

Acid Reflux

Keep a food journal if you suffer from acid reflux. Acid reflux is usually brought on by eating specific types of food. When you know what they are, you can try to avoid them, especially at night.

Chew some cinnamon gum after each meal. Chewing promotes saliva production. Stomach acids are neutralized from saliva. Chewing also makes you swallow more, which helps to clear the esophagus of excess acid. Fruit-flavored gum will accomplish this too. Mint gums are not a good idea, as they cause the sphincter of the esophagus to relax, making matters worse.

Use an additional pillow to support your head. You can do this by using wood, bricks and raisers to lift the bed. Make sure your head is at least a half foot higher than above the end of the bed. This will prevent stomach acid from rising during the night.

Acid Reflux

Losing weight can definitely help your fight against acid reflux. Obesity is one of the most common contributing factors to acid reflux symptoms. Even if you lose 10 percent of the current weight, you can reduce your symptoms. Weight loss ought to be achieved through small meals, not through crash diets.

Are you aware that a food’s alkaline is not related to its relative pH level? Foods that seem acidic, such as lemons, become alkaline after digesting them. People with acid reflux are often confused by this. If you want to manage your acid reflux effectively, learn your food’s pH.

Work on relaxing. Avoid eating when you are under stress as this will surely lead to heartburn. When you are done with your meal, engage in a yoga session. Avoid laying down after eating and wait at least three hours before going to bed.

Don’t self-diagnose. Stomach discomfort and regurgitation are common symptoms of acid reflux that warrant a trip to the doctor. Many other conditions, like ulcers and even heart disorders, mimic acid reflux disease. Your physician can give you some tests to determine whether you have acid reflux.

Acid Reflux

Avoid gluten if you often get acid reflux. Therefore, if you have acid reflux, you should limit your gluten consumption. Gluten comes from wheat, barley, and rye, so avoid products with any of these ingredients. Good grains that aid in digestion and give the body necessary fiber it needs are millet and quinoa.


Reach a healthy weight. Your extra weight might be putting too much pressure on your stomach. This adds pressure to your stomach causing you heartburn and reflux symptoms. Taking off just 10 pounds can really help you gain control.

You might consider surgery with your doctor if the acid reflux symptoms are getting worse. Fundoplication is a form of surgery that includes creating a valve that is useful for reducing the possible amount of acids that can make their way into your esophagus. This serves as a permanent solution which may provide a full cure.

If you want to prevent acid reflux, eat meals slowly and stop chewing every couple of bites; your stomach can properly digest the food if you do this. This gives you plenty of time to enjoy what you are eating. It’s also a good idea to push your plate away once you are full.

Acid Reflux

Don’t drink when eating if acid reflux is a concern. When you drink any kind of liquid with your meal, it increases stomach volume. This causes more pressure on the esophageal sphincter, which in turn causes acid reflux. You should drink between two meals instead of during your meals.

Reduce or eliminate spicy dishes from your diet, particularly in the early evening. Avoid peppers, Indian and Mexican foods. These spicy foods can trigger both acid reflux and indigestion, creating serious discomfort.

If you notice blood when using the bathroom, or if you throw up and it has blood in it, set up an appointment with a doctor. These are symptoms of something of far more concern that simply acid reflux, and a doctor needs to run some tests on you. There could be a quick fix for your condition if it is something different than acid reflux.

Make exercise a daily habit. Exercise provides your body with numerous benefits. A reduction in acid reflux symptoms is one great benefit. Exercise keeps your body working the right way. If exercising causes stomach upset, tone it down a little bit.

When you suffer from acid reflux you want to avoid carbonated beverages and coffee. Caffeine drinks like cola, coffee or black tea are acidic and cause the stomach to have way too much acid. They can also irritate the stomach lining, which can make you feel more uncomfortable. Green tea and other herbals teas are better options.

The preceding advice is invaluable. Once your symptoms start to ease up, you will appreciate this article even more. Keep learning more and more about acid reflux from articles such as this.


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